Freakin Friday

Sitting, watching swedish Idol and redesigning my girlfriend's blog. I'm quite pleased with the result I must say. Check it out at I especially like the symbol I made. It breaths success and feels clean, ha! How about:

- all about the looks

Let's start your own business now girl! I've got it all set up for you ;)

What's good with Idol this year? Well, Tove and Mariette for sure, they're by far cooler than all the other's!
And also ERIKA I must add, she made a great version of Beat It just then. She's got the name too... ;D

Now back to the niggerballs (hrm.. chocolate balls maybe?). Well, who cares. They taste good for sure =) 

Postat av: Anki

Chokladbollar har jag också suttit och vräkt i mig halva kvällen..gott..:)

2009-10-16 @ 22:38:49

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