London weekend

I'll take this one in english then. I and Erika spent midsummer in London this year. We had a great time although we got home really exhausted. Flying with Ryan Air is always taking a chance, but we got home at last, at 2am in the morning.

What do I remember from this trip?
First of all I got really excited to go out and see Wimbledon, where the great tennis tournament is played right now. We wanted to get tickets to the game between Söderling and Belucci but Wimbledon Park was totally packed this saturday. Instead we went back to the city and checked out Harrods, Hyde Park and some shopping at Carnaby Street.

Tennis excitement, but no tix =(



Lunch in Hyde Park


Starbucks, yumm!


Later that night we went and saw Lion King the musical. I got flashbacks from Sydney five years ago. We didnt get the best seats so the whole experience was not as good just because of that. It was funny tho hence the guy next to Erika started singing during the play. In a horrible voice! Ha!

Sunday the 27th, the day England was going to beat Germany. There were Englishmen dressed in flags all over the city.... but... The party lasted for 20 minutes until Klose scored Germany's first goal. The horrible referee scandal at 2-1 didn't make things any better. So the game ended in despair for all the english guys. For us it wasn't over here. We instead went to The London Eye, which came to be a very pleasant ride in the afternoon sun.

(Not even a PeppeRooney did help)

London Eye by night

Up in London Eye, before dawn.

Last day was shopping day. Oxford street, SoHo and the rest of the city. Exhausting but still kinda fun. We found a few things to bring home to Sweden at last. Shoes, dresses, tea etc.

To sum it all up:

Nice places to see in London that I remember from this trip:

-Buckingham Palace and St. James' Park.
-Hyde Park, huge but not as nice at the previous one.
-Big Ben and all the old buildings surrounding it.
-Tower Bridge, although we never went inside.
-shopping is best at Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Regent Street. Harrods too if you have the big bucks.
-The view from London Eye.

Some mixed more up photos:

Our hotel room

Bathrobe fun =)

Erika got the priority seat :P

Thats all for now, thank you for reading!


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