Whitsunday Sailing

Mother Africa, co core, rock solid and smooth sailing. It's been some awesome days up in the Whitsundays! First two nights in Airlie Beach, hanging around with Amy chillin, studying, eating. Then boarding our yacht called Spank Me. What happens, yeah, I see our dive instructor Lindsey, who was my dive instructor on my boat three years ago. So cool. He had been sailing the mediterranean and the caribbean in the meantime, 22 years old. Pretty cool life ey. However, pretty windy days, but sunny, so I cant complain about the weather. I did one dive and then some snorkelling in the crystal clear water. Yeah, it is so beautiful, blue green water, and then possibly the greatest beach in the world, Whitehaven beach. I miss it already! Some bad things happened though. Got seasick on the way out to the barrier reef. But hey, getting up and sail in the rough ocean at 04.30 in the morning isn't really what I am used to. But a great experience though. Met some fantastic people and some real characters on the yacht. "Shermans", Floridians, French and English people. Shanna and Leah, two girls from Florida were really cool. Kind of wish I'd have met them earlier and not now when we are all going home. But better late then never. I'm so glad I and Amy went ont his trip. Great days with my bffl and all the other people. I want summer now. And I want to go to America. Cant believe how many awesome Americans I have met during these 5 months. wohoo!

Back to my studies now for a couple of days, then some days off and flying home. I am so NOT looking forward flying all the way to Sweden on my own. I will be soooooo sad. I will think, and think, and miss everyone so much.
okey, enough whinging.
I am fine and happy. A very glad person at the moment =)

photos from Airlie beach, don't have any from the yacht yet, might get some later.

by the lagoon, and Shanna


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