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My blog has for the last couple of months seemed to be all about love and relations. Why? I guess it's just the way it has been down here. I've met the most fantastic people who have brought me so many memories and feelings. My time downunder has been full of surprises and special moments. Not a single week of listless has passed. There has always been something to look forward to. Today it's my last day in Australia for this time and who knows when I'll be back next. It will probably take a while since I also want to go to America, Africa and see the rest of Europe. It's a time of change even though I know what I'm coming home to. But I really wish that my life back home can be as eventful and emotional as its been down here. I want to meet even more amazing people!

Two persons that I will always love is Amy and Shanna. Amy, my very very best friend and the coolest girl I know. Then Shanna that I've only known for about two weeks, but already means a lot to me. Then there are so many others to mention, but it will just be a long list of names so I'll leave it like this.

I think this city really wants me to stay. The last couple of days have been amazing. About 23 degress, blue sky and very sunny. This in the middle of winter! Why would someone want to leave this. Anyway, I guess there is more out there. I saw the film Earth at the movies today. Great documentary about our fantastic planet. There are so many beautiful places to go and I can't wait. I'm just hoping that we, the human race, wont ruin this fantastic planet by everything we are doing to it. It is so sad and very scary this whole thing about the global warming and the environment. Well, I should end this by being positive though. In a few days I'll be home in Ljusdal. Det ska också bli ganska kul. Grillfest på lördag! Träffa familjen och mina svenska vänner. Man har det rätt fantastiskt ändå, med så många bra vänner i alla möjliga hörn på denna planet. Hoppas bara jag lyckas hålla kontakten med de som verkligen betyder mest. xoxox! /Björn ((bjorn, beorn, bjöön... =))

From our sailing yacht at Whitsundays


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