It's been snowing today, so very welcome! It's all white and I love it, finally. And today has been all about winter. Let's start with the cross-country skiiers this morning, Charlotte Kalla and Marcus Hellner both won their world cup races in Gällivare! Very impressive, and it gives me so much inspiration =) Charlotte is the most charming and admirable of athletes. She is by far my all time favourite, she just is :D

A very happy winner of today's race

Then I and my team played bandy today. We played against Västanfors BK and won by 8-2. Easy game, but I got soo tired. Can't believe how tired the games are making me these days. Let's say I'm skating more than ever! haha. It was really nice to play today when everything was white and the ice was fantastic. Even the sun came out for a bit.

Finally, tonight I and Cine went to the Stadium here nearby to watch the Winter Jam Big Air competition. They were really good. We got to see some great jumps and tricks. Pretty amazing, but the main thing, it made me so much want to go to the mountains. Go skiing, powder skiing, playing around in the snow, just having fun. Damn that's great!

look at these cool pix from today:

Yeah, winter in Stockholm isn't that bad after all! On days like these I am really loving it. Please, let there be more real winter days this year. At least I get to go skiing next weekend back home. I can't wait!! =)


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