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Spoke to Amy last night, aw I miss her! She's a fantastic friend. I'm happy to have Skype to talk to her, it works excellent. Anyways, I'm glad to hear that she is good. I can't wait to go there and visit! as long as I have the money for it :/. Therefore I'll be working at the Hotel again tomorrow night. They really needed me so why don't help them out. At least I get to see some great tennis players walking around =)

Uni is getting crazy busy now, but I think I can handle it. I've been through this before, so I guess things will work out in the end anyway. The bad part in all this is that I'm missing the Bandy World Cup home in Ljusdal because of a bloody exam, so annoying!

I'm looking forward for the snow to fall now! I want ice and snow, to go skating and skiing! It's been a while now, since I missed more than half the winter last year. And I love Christmas, the mood I get in over Christmas is just great, and to spend it with my family is nice =) Maybe Phoebe will come up and spend it with us this year, that wud be pretty cool. Then you (Phoebs) will really get the real X-mas experience with Santa Claus and my grandmothers food and everything... Don't you want to be a part of that this year? ;)

a friendship that will last forever! :D

Cause everywhere I go, everywhere I've been, and everywhere I'm going to... I only go with you.
Rise to the occasion.

Just det, avslutar med lite svenska. Var på ett möte idag angående tidningen "Uttryck" som vi studenter skall ge ut nästa år. Jag tänkte vara med och skapa lite historia, haha. Nej men det kommer bli kul, att vara med och skapa en tidning. Layout, annonser, ekonomi etc. Good stuf! =)


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