gifted days

Another couple of days in my hometown.
Funeral, no fun, but it was beautiful.
Friends, so fun, they are everything to me.

Being spoilt in Ljusdal is pretty good every now and then.
But the time never seems to be enough.
As soon as I've settled back in home alittle I have to go back south.
However, It's good to be home!

To take me back to the sweet times,
 The hot nights,
Everything is gonna be alright
 In the summertime
Baby, in the summertime
  And even if I have to wait til next year,
I don't care,
 All I know is that I'll meet you there
In the summertime
 Baby, in the summertime
That is where I'll be

I promise, in my next contribution I'll add some photos too!


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